As a time saving feature, we have set up a number of actions in Flexitive to affect All Activated Sizes for a project. This allows you to make a change once, rather than having to enter every size in the editor in order to set up your banners.

The chart below provides a list of changes and whether they affect All Activated Sizes or only the Current Size.

Change/Edit All Sizes or Current Size?
Re-sizing Element
Current Size
Moving Element Current Size
Changing Element's Position in Layering
Current Size
Changing Element Alignment
Current Size
Fill vs Contain Image Option
Current Size
Image Focus
Current Size
Element Visibility
Current Size
Font Size (Maintain Font Size Off)
Current Size
Height of Embedded Pages in ISI Widget  Current Size 
Setting Background Colour
All Sizes
Adding Elements All Sizes
Deleting Element
All Sizes
Swapping Elements All Sizes
Element Animation All Sizes
Animation Visibility (Show/Hide)  All Sizes 
Animation Frame Count
All Sizes
Video Settings All Sizes
Text  All Sizes 
Text Colour All Sizes
Changing Font All Sizes
Font Size (Maintain Font Size On) All Sizes
Text Alignment All Sizes
Changing Pop-up Text All Sizes
Adding a Scrollbar to a Text Box  All Sizes 
Setting Element as Replay Button All Sizes
Changing click-through URL
All Sizes
Changing background colour All Sizes
ISI Widget Resize Options All Sizes
Breakpoints of Embedded Pages in ISI Widget All Sizes