You can edit the HTML of a text box using the Source option in the Text Settings panel in Flexitive. To access the Text Settings, double-click on the text box you wish to edit. The Source option will be at the bottom of the panel.  

Clicking the Source option will open a window that allows you to edit the raw HTML within your text box. This will allow you to have better control over the formatting of your text and to copy and paste raw HTML into Flexitive. It will also give you access to formatting option not otherwise available in the Flexitive text editor, such as copyright symbols ( © ) and coloured bullet points.

While this tool gives complete control over the formatting of the text, it is intended for users who have an understanding of HTML. Errors made in the raw HTML of a block of text can be difficult to find and fix. If you are not comfortable making direct edits to the raw HTML for the text, it is recommended that you use the standard text editor to edit your text.

If the Source option is not visible on your site, reach out to the Flexitive Support team at, to add it to your site.