Whenever a design is exported from Flexitive, any Click Tracking code is automatically included in the export, and the files are ready to upload into your ad server. We have included this to remove any need for additional programming after export.

In a Flexitive project, you can apply a clickthrough URL to any element, and clickthrough URLs do not need to be the same for differing elements. Even though this is the case, there are some ad servers that only allow for a background clickthrough URL. In these cases, Flexitive will automatically export your project with only a background clickthrough URL included.

If your ad server is not able to provide you with click tracking, or if you are not using an ad server (such as when exporting for CMS), it is also possible to use URLs with tracking options such as Bit.Ly as the clickthroughs in your design. It is also possible to export your design for Google Analytics.