In Flexitive, every account has access to a wide variety of sizes to build designs. The sizes available by default include:

  • Fixed Resolution Sizes: Banner sizes with fixed resolution dimensions, including all standard IAB sizes, and a few other commonly used sizes
  • Responsive Aspect Ratios: Aspect ratios for building responsive designs, including aspect ratios for both in-page and full-screen responsive designs
  • Social Sizes: Fixed resolution sizes for building designs to be displayed on social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn

Most of the sizes you need to build a Flexitive design are available by default. For a comprehensive list of sizes available in Flexitive by default, check out this document.

If a size you need to build a Flexitive design is not available by default, a custom size can be added by contacting the Flexitive Support team at Your requested size will be added to your account in one (1) business day.