When building a design for Social Media, there are some areas of the design that may not be visible when the image is served on social media. In these cases, the social media platform will typically provide 'Safe Zones' for the design.

A 'Safe Zone' is the portion of a design that is guaranteed to be visible when the design is served to the social media site. When working with Social Sizes, it's recommended that any information important be included within the safe zones for the size you're working in.

The design below is an example of the Safe Zones for a YouTube cover photo.

When building in Flexitive, you can view what the safe zones are for the size your working in by toggling 'Safe Zones' on. The 'Safe Zones' will display as a semi-transparent overlay on your design.

Safe Zones are available on the following Social Sizes:

  • Facebook

    • Cover Photo

    • Facebook Cover Photo - Business

    • Shared Link/Image

  • Google+

    • Cover Image

  • LinkedIn

    • Cover Photo - Personal

    • Cover Photo - Business

  • Twitter

    • Header Photo

  • YouTube

    • Channel Cover Photo

How can I turn on Safe Zones?

To turn on Safe Zones, you can either click the Safe Zones toggle in the More section on the Right Hand Side of the Editor. You can also use the keyboard shortcut 'Alt+G'. If the Safe Zones toggle isn't visible in the size you're working in, it means the whole design will be visible when it is displayed.