To change the speed and pacing of your animation sequence in Flexitive, you can adjust the Frame Delay and Frame Duration of the animation sequence. 

  • Adjusting the Frame Delay will change the amount of time in-between frames

  • Adjusting the Frame Duration will change the amount of time it takes for the frame to play.

Both Frame Delay and Frame Duration are controlled from the Animation Panel. In the screenshot below, the numbers highlighted as yellow represent the Frame Delay in the animation sequence. The numbers highlighted in red represent the Frame Duration.

Frame Duration

Frame duration is the amount of time it takes to play the animation frame. The default value for frame duration is 1 second. Changing the Frame Duration will change the speed the animation is played at. For example, increasing your Frame Duration from 1 second to 2 seconds will half the speed of the animation. Setting the Frame Duration to 0.5 seconds double the speed of the animation.

Frame Delay

Frame Delay is the amount of time spent with no animation occurring between 2 frames. The default value for Frame delay is 1 second. The Frame Delay is available before every animation frame, including the first frame.