When working with your elements in Flexitive, you have two options for how to control the size and position of elements on the screen. The first is to manually adjust the element by grabbing the edges of the bounding box and dragging.

To make fine adjustments to the size of the elements on your canvas, use the Element Size option in the Customize panel. The Element Size option makes changes to your design to the precision of a single pixel on your canvas.

To access the Element Size options in Flexitive, select the element you wish to make changes to. Then, open the Customize panel on the left-hand side of the screen and scroll down to the Element Size options.

You can set the pixel Width (W) and Height (H) of any element in your design. Changes to the Element Size are done from the top left corner of the element.

When changing the Element Size, you will not be able to expand the object outside of the canvas, similarly with Element Position. You will also not be able to set either the Height or Width of the element lower than 1% of the total size of the canvas in either direction.

Position & Size of Elements in Responsive Designs

Adjusting the size of elements in a Responsive Design is done in exactly the same way as with a fixed design. However, responsive designs do not have fixed pixel heights or widths, so the size of elements are measured by the percentage of the height or width of the canvas they take up, rather than by a pixel dimension.

As with fixed size designs, the size of elements in a responsive design extend beyond the size of the canvas and must be at least 1% of the total size of the canvas in either direction.