In Flexitive, you have access to over 900 free fonts. However, there will be times when you will need to upload a font specific to the text in your project.

If you own the license to a font and have a WOFF, WOFF2 OTF, or TTF file for the font, you can upload the font to your Flexitive account using the 'Upload Custom Font' button in the 'Text Settings Panel'. You'll find the 'Text Settings Panel' after adding a text box to your design or selecting a text box on canvas.  

After uploading the font to your account, the font will be available whenever you try to edit a design.

When uploading a custom font, it is important to ensure you have the correct licensing for that font. Flexitive is not responsible if you or a member of your team violates the terms of an End User License Agreement of a font uploaded and used in Flexitive.

Supported File Formats for Custom Fonts

Flexitive supports the following file formats for fonts uploaded to Flexitive as custom fonts:

  • WOFF
  • WOFF2
  • OTF
  • TTF

We recommend using a WOFF font when possible. WOFF font files are more widely accepted across different browsers and browser versions. We do support the WOFF2 file format, however, it is an unsupported format for Internet Explorer 11.

While TTF and OTF fonts may be accepted in all browsers and operating systems, they are only partially supported by Internet Explorer 11. For this reason, it's important to check your designs in Internet Explorer 11 if you are using one of these file formats.

If you do not have a WOFF, WOFF2, OTF, or TTF file for your font, you will need to reach out to the provider of your font and request a WOFF, WOFF2, OTF, or TTF file for your custom font.