I uploaded my design to the Google DCM Validator and got a Relative Asset Check notification. Why am I getting this notification?

The relative asset warning is caused by a custom font in your design. If you upload a custom font to a Flexitive design, that font is hosted on the Flexitive servers, and when the design is displayed, it will load the fonts from those servers.

Some ad servers allow you to have calls like this to load fonts but will provide a warning to make sure their users are aware of the call, so they can check to make sure the servers being referenced are able to handle the traffic the call will create. Flexitive servers are equipped to handle serving the font file for your designs.

You can ignore this notification and upload your designs without any issue. 

What does this notification mean, and how can I fix this?

The Relative Asset Check is just a warning, and you should still be able to upload your designs to DCM. If you want to avoid the assets being loaded from the Flexitive servers, you can select the 'embed web fonts' option in the Export Panel prior to exporting. This will place all of the code for the fonts in the design in the ZIP file you export.

Learn more about Embedding Web Fonts and Font Subsetting

If you have any concerns, reach out to support@flexitive.com and include a screenshot of the notification and the design you uploaded.