When working with text boxes containing large blocks of text, you may want to allow the text to Scroll. To allow for the text to scroll, select the text object, open the Text Settings panel set the Scrolling option ON.


When you turn on Scrolling, a scrollbar will be placed on your text box.

If you would like to remove the scrollbar from the text box while still allowing for a user to scroll the text, turn the Show toggle OFF.

For an example of the scrollbar being set to not be shown, try scrolling through the legal text in the banner below:

Customizing the Width, Left Margin and Right Margin of the scrollbar is done in the Scrollbar settings. The Right Margin controls the distance between the scrollbar and the edge of the text. The Left Margin controls the distance between the end of the text and the scrollbar. The Width slider controls the size of the Scrollbar.

Changing the width, left margin and right margin are Global functions, so changes to them affect all sizes in your design.

Auto Scroll

Turning on the Auto Scroll function sets your text to automatically scroll. The Auto Scroll function is in the Scrolling Text options in the Text Settings panel.

Once Auto Scroll is toggled on, you can change the speed and direction of the scroll. To change the speed of the scroll, use the Speed drop down and choose between speeds 1 through 7. The default auto scroll speed is 3.

Choosing to scroll vertically will scroll your text using its current formatting. Choosing to scroll horizontally will place each paragraph in your text on a single line of text and scroll horizontally.

Text set to Auto Scroll will loop by default. To stop the text from looping, turn the Loop toggle off in the Scrolling Text options.

When Auto Scroll is enabled, you will also have the option to enable Auto Stop. When Auto-Stop is enabled, any interaction with the text box will cause the scroll to stop.

To set a delay before the text starts scrolling, use the Delay slider under the Text Scrolling options. The delay for the start of the scroll is counted from when the design is loaded, not when the text box becomes visible.

Auto Scroll will only be visible when you Preview or Export your design.