When exporting a design from Flexitive as a ZIP file, you will have the option to embed any web fonts you used in the design in the files you export from Flexitive. To embed your font files, open the 'Export' tab and select the 'Embed Web Fonts' option.

By exporting a design with 'Embed Web Fonts' active, all of the code required to display the text in your design will be included in the file you export from Flexitive. Exporting with the code embedded directly in your exported files is ideal for displaying designs in an offline environment, such as when displaying for digital signage.

Embedded fonts can also be used to avoid making 3rd party calls if the ad server you're using to display your designs doesn't allow for 3rd party calls to the servers hosting your webfonts.

Optimizing File Size of Embedded Web Fonts - Font Subsetting

When you export a design with 'Embed web fonts' selected, Flexitive will automatically ensure that only characters used in your design are included in the exported file, and any other characters are omitted from the file.

For example, if the only text in your design are the words 'Learn More', only the characters specifically needed to display this text (i.e. the letters L, e, a, r, n, M, o) are included in the embedded font data. Unnecessary characters (e.g. the letter 'q') are not included.

This process reduces the file size of Flexitive designs, and is called 'Font Subsetting.'