Templates in Flexitive allow you to quickly build a fully animated HTML5 design in minutes. Flexitive Templates are designed to be easy to use, and they provide a perfect starting point for building design and working with animations. An example of the preview of a Flexitive template is below.

Templates are meant to act as a starting point for building your project. You can use all of the positioning and animation of elements that are provided by default, and your design will look great. If you would like, you can still make edits to the positioning and size of your elements, as well as the animation sequence, to better fit your project.

Flexitive Templates

Every Flexitive account has access to 10 Fixed Size templates and 5 Responsive templates. These templates are available whenever you start a new project in the Template Selection Screen.

To preview the template before selecting a template, click the Preview option in the bottom right hand corner of the Template.


To select a Template, click on it. This will automatically open a project containing the assets and animations for that template. This opens the All Sizes view of the sizes of the project.

If you do not need all of the sizes provided, delete the extra sizes by pressing the grey X.

Because all of the sizes of the design have already been built, you will only need to make changes to a few sizes. When you choose a size to edit, it is recommended that you choose one with as many elements on it as possible.

Select the size of design you want to work on by click on it in the All Sizes View panel. This will open it in the editor view. Open the assets panel on the right-hand side of the screen. You will notice that all of the assets currently in your project are shown here.

Upload the assets that you will need to build your design. For more information on uploading assets, please view our video tutorial on uploading assets.

After uploading your assets, swap them in for the existing elements on the canvas. For more information on swapping elements, please see our video tutorial on swapping assets. Then change the copy for any text in your design.

For an example of this process, please watch the GIF below.

Once you are finished, you can exit out to your All Sizes View again. You will notice that the changes you made are reflected across all the sizes in your project as is shown below.

From here, you can continue to activate any sizes that you need for your project that were not included in the template by default.

If you have no other changes you need to make, you can now publish your design. For more information on this, see our related video tutorial on publishing designs.

Custom Templates

Clients with Enterprise accounts can create Custom Templates built to brand guidelines that require little modification and reduce design time. These templates will be available whenever you start a new project in the Template Selection Screen.

Reach out to your account manager or to set up your custom templates. Custom Templates will be added to your site in 2 business days.