When you are in the Main Hub, the middle panel will display any of the designs in the folder that you have selected. Each of these projects are given a number of ways that they can be labelled and differentiated from one another. Below is a short list of the different ways that your design projects may be sorted. 


Every time that you create a new project in Flexitive, you will have to give it a title. Titles can be whatever you choose to make them, and it is possible to have more than one design with the same title in the same Flexitive folder.

It is also possible to sort by title by clicking the Drop-Down at the top of the middle panel and selecting A-Z.


Descriptions for your project are optional, and can be manually added after the project has been created. It is not currently possible to organize your middle panel based on the descriptions for the projects.

Last Edited Date

The Last Edited Date displays the time and date of the last time the project was saved. This time is automatically updated to accommodate your time zone. 

Workflow Status

The workflow status allows you to label at what stage in the approval process the project is in. Setting the design to be Live will also Lock the design for editing. You can filter the middle panel by workflow status by using the associated drop-down in the top panel. 


The Design-ID is a unique identifier for your project in Flexitive. Clicking the Design-ID will copy it's value to your clipboard.

More Options

Clicking More will extend the panel for the project to give further options for how to manage the project.