Get started in Flexitive with our Essentials and Deeper Dive Tutorial videos;

From creating one design that adapts to unlimited sizes to animating, previewing, exporting, making design variations, and custom templates. Great for both new Flexitive users or those who want an update on the latest Flexitive functionality to help you create amazing designs fast.

The Essentials - Flexitive Tutorials Playlist

Watch The Essentials Playlist.

The Essentials Playlist includes;

  1. Creating Your First Size

    • Learn how to build your first design in Flexitive.

  2. Animating Your Design

    • Learn how to animate your design in Flexitive.

  3. Activating More Sizes

    • Learn how to activate more sizes of your design in Flexitive.

  4. Generating Live Preview Pages

    • Learn how to generate an In-App Preview as well as a Live Preview page URL that you can send to anyone for feedback or approval.

  5. Making Design Variations Fast

    • Learn how to quickly create design variations in Flexitive.

The Deeper Dives - Flexitive Tutorials Playlist

Watch The Deeper Dives Playlist.

The Deeper Dives Playlist includes;

  1. Creating a Custom Design Template in Flexitive

  • Learn how you can create custom design templates for your brand that will help to speed up the design creation and approval process and create brand consistency.

  1. How to Build Accessible Designs in Flexitive

    • Learn about each of the below accessibility features available in Flexitive.