Tutorial 1 - Creating Your First Size

Learn how to build your first size in Flexitive.
- Dropping your high resolutions assets (jpg, transparent png, gif, mp4 etc) to the canvas
- Setting a background color and image
- Cropping assets

Tutorial 2 - Activate Unlimited Sizes

Learn how to create a single design that adapts to unlimited sizes - whether specific fixed sizes, full-screen sizes or fully responsive designs!

Tutorial 3 - Animate Your Design

Learn the basics of animation in Flexitive.
- Adding keyframes
- Choosing an animation for each element (applies across all sizes)

Tutorial 4 - Generate Live Preview Pages 

Learn how to generate a live preview page URL that you can send to anyone for feedback or approvals.

Tutorial 5 - Exporting a Design for any Size & Channel

Learn how to export your design for any size, channel and file format. Flexitive automatically optimizes your images for each size, and even optimizes code so that it works everywhere.

Tutorial 6 - Making Design Variations Fast

Learn how to create more design variations really fast.
- Swap an asset (eg image, video etc) with any other asset, that will change across all sizes.
- Change an animation in one click (that applies on all sizes instantly).
- Generate a live preview page of your design variation.

Deep Dive 1 - Text & Webfonts

Learn more about formatting text boxes or specific words/characters within a text box (inline text). Access 900+ free web fonts, or upload your own custom font. Also, more advanced text options like scrolling text.

Deep Dive 2 - Video Components

How to upload videos to Flexitive Design Cloud and add them to a Flexitive HTML5 page, or embed a Youtube video. Customize playback options like autoplay, show/hide controls etc. with no coding.

Deep Dive 3 - Carousel Widget

The Flexitive Carousel Widget allows you to quickly add images or videos into a rotating responsive carousel.
- Set it to swipe left/right (via mouse or touch!)
- Change the type of transition animation between slides