Responsive Wallpapers run out of standard ad tags and can run on any publisher's site. The Publisher's ad-ops team does not need to make any changes to run a Responsive Wallpaper. Responsive Wallpapers can only be purchased via a direct buy from a publisher, and are not available (yet!) on programmatic exchanges.

Before building responsive wallpapers with Flexitive, ask the Publishers you're working with if they have run responsive wallpapers. If they have not, that's OK! The Flexitive team will create wallpaper tags for the Publisher Sites you want to work with and work (at no charge) with the Publisher's ad-ops team if there's any trouble. Just send an email to with:

  • The sites that you want to run responsive wallpapers on 
  • Your contact there
  • The Campaign live date

A member of the Flexitive team will create a test tag for the publisher, and send the tag to their ad-ops team with instructions. There's no extra work for you, and the Flexitive team will respond within one business day.

What is a Responsive Wallpaper?

A Responsive Wallpaper is a fully responsive ad product that is always 100% in view and has high engagement. See the video below:

Responsive Wallpapers are better than static wallpapers because:

  • Responsive wallpapers automatically adapt to any screen resolution, so they always look great, and the advertiser's message is never cut off
    • Static wallpapers have a fixed size: on low resolutions, the advertiser's message is cut off, on high resolutions, there's lots of dead space.
  • Responsive wallpapers are always 100% in view 
  • Responsive wallpapers are animated and have much better engagement than static wallpapers

How do I Build Responsive Wallpapers?

To build a Responsive Wallpaper, you will need to create two responsive pages in Flexitive. One page will be the left side of the wallpaper, the other page will be the right side.  You can build a responsive design exactly as you would a fixed size design, just select the 'Responsive - Blank' template after creating a new page in Flexitive then, in the Sizes Panel, navigate to 'Responsive - In Page - Portrait':

For a responsive wallpaper we recommend activating all of the sizes under 'Responsive - In Page - Portrait' starting with the 1:1, and going all the way to 1:9.

Once you have finished the responsive wallpaper pages, you can preview the wallpaper using the Responsive Wallpaper Visualizer.

When generating the tags for your responsive wallpaper, any Click-through URLs that you have set in Flexitive are ignored in the tag. This is to make sure that you are able to change the Click-Through URL in your ad server when you upload the tag.  Due to this, setting a Click-Through URL of your wallpaper in Flexitive will allow you to show the intended Click-Through behavior in the Responsive Wallpaper Visualizer, but you will still need to set the URL in your ad server as well.

Check out our article on Building Responsive Design for more information.

How do I Generate tags for Responsive Wallpapers?

Tags for Responsive wallpaper tags are tailored to fit the layout of the site that the responsive wallpapers are being served on. This makes the wallpaper look good on any resolution or screen size. However, because every site is set up separately, and not necessarily with the same layout, a wallpaper tag must be customized for each site that the wallpaper is going to be served on.

Once a tag has been created, it can be adapted to serve any wallpaper for the site it was created for. After determining what sites the Responsive Wallpapers will be running on, the Flexitive team will give you access to a Responsive Wallpaper Tag Generator. The tag generator will generate standard ad tags that can be sent to any Publisher. Please contact a member of the Flexitive Support team to get access to the tag generator, and reference this page (or send a friendly email to

The tag generated for the Responsive Wallpaper will include the right and left sides of the wallpaper.

How do I Traffic Responsive Wallpaper Tags?

To serve a Responsive Wallpaper, traffic it as a standard 3rd party tag out of a 1x1 pixel ad product, or any other ad product that you would normally serve an over-the-page (OTP) or floating ad out of. You will need to target specifically Desktop and Tablet devices.

It is important to remember to set your Click-Through URL in your ad server, even if you have already set it in Flexitive before creating your tag. Because there is no way for the tag generator to check if the URL is set in Flexitive when creating the tag, macros for the tag are set up assuming that no URL was set. This means that if you do not set the clickthrough URL in DFP, the clickthrough will default to being /pagead/img/. Checking your URL in the preview screen will provide you with the message below:

To set your Click-Through URL in DFP, replace the %%DEST_URL_UNESC%% macro in the tag with the Click-Through URL that you wish to use (e.g. When adding this URL, it is important to include the correct http:// or https:// protocol at the beginning of the URL. An example of where this should be inserted in the code is highlighted in the example below:

If you have any questions, please reach out to to talk to a member of the Flexitive Support team.

Other Information About Responsive Wallpapers

Responsive wallpapers have a minimum width of 50PX and a minimum height of 40PX. the left/right side of a responsive wallpaper will not display if the width of the area beside the content (often called the 'gutter') is less than 50PX, or if the height of the gutter is less than 40PX. The minimum width and minimum height parameters exist to prevent responsive wallpapers from being served into an area that's too small.

A few Sites That Responsive Wallpapers have run on:

  • ABC Spark
  • Adult Swim
  • Canadian Family
  • Cartoon Network
  • CBC
  • Cineplex
  • (/News, /music)
  • Cosmo TV
  • ET Canada
  • Fashion Magazine
  • Food Network
  • Global News
  • Glow Magazine
  • HGTV
  • IMDB (Canada)
  • Mariage Quebec
  • miniclip
  • MLB
  • Nick @ Nite
  • Nick Canada
  • Nick Jr
  • Nick Mom
  • Nick Teens
  • Nick Toons
  • Ottawa Magazine
  • OWN
  • Quill & Quire
  • RDS
  • Slice
  • Sportsnet
  • Teletoon
  • Teletoon Retro All
  • Teletoon Retro Home
  • Toronto Life
  • Torontoist
  • Totally Her
  • Treehouse at Night
  • Treehouse TV
  • Vrak
  • W Dish
  • W Network
  • W View
  • Weddingbells
  • Where magazines