Responsive banners are designs that adapt to any aspect ratio. If the resolution of a responsive design changes while the design is in view, the images and text on the design re-size and re-position to fit the new resolution. This makes them perfect for full screen advertisements, expandable designs, wallpapers and Digital Signage.

When a design is being re-sized, you can control if there is a slide animation to reposition the elements as the design is resized, or if the elements simply 'flick' into their new position.  In the GIF below, the design on the left is set with elements flicking to their new location, while the design on the right has them sliding.

Controlling the animation between sizes is done using the 'Animate Between Sizes' option under the Other Tab in the Animation Effects Panel in Flexitive. If you enable the slide animation, you can also control the speed the elements re-size at

In the 'Animate Between Sizes' options, you can set the 'Slide Effect' to either On or Off.

If the 'Slide Effect' is set to 'Off', the element will change positions on the canvas instantaneously when the design is re-sized, rather than sliding into the new position. This is the default setting for elements in Flexitive.

If the Slide Effect is set to 'On', the element will slide along the canvas whenever the design is re-sized. The speed the element slides at is controlled by the Duration, and the longer the duration, the slower the element will re-position when the canvas is re-sized.