Responsive Wallpapers are designed to be a fully responsive ad product. They are better than static wallpapers because:

  • Responsive Wallpapers automatically adapt to any screen resolution, so they always look great and the advertiser's message is never cut off
  • Responsive Wallpapers are always 100% in view
  • Responsive Wallpapers are animated and have much better engagement than static wallpapers

Responsive wallpapers will usually need different layouts of images and copy for different aspect ratios. Using animations will also lead to better engagement than a static wallpaper. Because of this, we typically recommend that you try building a fully responsive design with animations from the start when building a responsive wallpaper, rather than trying to adapt an existing static wallpaper. Adapting a static wallpaper often times loses some of, if not all of, the advantages of responsive wallpapers.

Check out our article on Responsive Wallpapers for more information on how to build a Responsive Wallpaper.