Adding an Image

To add an image within a text box, double-click into the text box and click the Insert Image option in the Text Settings panel on the left-hand side of the editor.

Clicking the Insert Image icon will open an Image Properties window. The first tab you will see is the Assets tab. From here, you can select an image that you have uploaded to your Assets panel in Flexitive to be inserted into the text.


Clicking on any of the images in the Assets tab of the Image Properties automatically switches the tab to the Image Info tab. The URL, Width and Height will all be automatically populated. Changing the URL will change the image that is shown while changing the dimensions will change the size of the image. By default, Flexitive sets the aspect ratio of the image to be maintained, but you can change this by clicking the Lock icon.

If you do not wish to host your image on Flexitive's CDN, you have the option to insert your own link into the URL field of the Image Info tab.

You can also set up a link for your image using the Link tab. Opening this tab will give you the option to set a destination URL and the Target that URL will be opened in. The target allows you to select whether the link opens in a new page or in the same page.

Once all of your required information is set up, press OK to place the image in the text box.

Adding a Hyperlink

To add a Hyperlink to a text box, double-click into the text box and highlight the text you would like to link from. Next, click the Link option in the Text Settings Panel on the left-hand side of the editor.

Clicking the Link option will open a modal that you can use to set the Link Type, Protocol and URL for your hyperlink.

Once you have set the Link Info, open the Target tab in order to set the target for the hyperlink. You can choose to have it open in:

  • A New Window (_blank) - this is the most common choice
  • The Top Window (_top)
  • The Same Window (_self)
  • A Parent Window (_parent)

If you would like to remove a hyperlink that you have set up, you can use the Unlink option, which is directly to the right of the Link icon.