The Create Sizes Panel in Flexitive is where you can access all of the different banners that you have activated in a project.

In the Create Sizes Panel, you will have the option to delete or edit active sizes and activate sizes.

To activate a new size, press the Plus icon next to the size. To Edit an existing size, click the Pencil icon. To delete an active size, press the X button next to the size.


The Create Sizes Panel will look slightly different depending on whether you are editing a size or in the All Sizes View.

The Sizes View Toggle

In the Create Sizes Panel, you can navigate between Fixed, Responsive and Social banners, while also being able to switch between Portrait and Landscape banners using the Sizes Panel tabs.

You will also have the option to use the 'Sizes View Toggle' at the top of the Create Sizes Panel to navigate between All Sizes in your design, the Active Sizes in your design, or the design size you were last editing. 

To navigate the editor using the 'Sizes View' toggle, click on the view you would like to switch to at any time.
  • Clicking 'All' will navigate you to a view with every design size available. Use this view to activate new sizes in your design.

  • Clicking 'Active' will navigate you to a view with only design sizes you've activated visible, and filters out any inactive sizes. This view is perfect to review sizes you've already built.

  • Clicking the 'Single Size' toggle will bring you into the editor for the last size you were editing, which will be listed in the toggle itself. The 'Single Size' toggle makes it easy to navigate back to editing a size.