The Flexitive Colour Picker allows you to control the colour and opacity of the background, your text, or a shape you have added to Flexitive. It is designed to be easy to use and to remember what you've done previously to streamline your workflow in Flexitive.Each component of the colour picker allows you to easily and efficiently choose the colour of your element.

  1. The Colour Bar: The Colour Bar allows for selecting the element's colour.

  2. The Opacity Slider: You may use the opacity slider to make an element more or less transparent.

  3. Hexcode Input: If there is a specific hexcode or RGB value that you will need to use for your project, you can input it here.

  4. Display Box: Shows both the currently applied colour on the left and the colour that would be set by the colour picker on the right. You may revert the selected colour to the original by clicking the colour that is currently applied.

  5. Shade Control: Allows you to change the shade of the colour. This can be used to set the colour to either white or black.

  6. Previously Used Colours: Allows users to select a colour that they have previously used in the project.

After you are happy with the settings you have applied, press choose to select the colour and close the Colour Picker.