Shared Libraries are Flexitive libraries that have been shared across multiple Flexitive instances. By sharing libraries across instances, users who have access to either instance will be able to view or edit the design files, depending on their user access privileges.

Using Shared libraries, you can:

  • Safely share and easily collaborate across different teams, markets, and partners.

  • Custom tailor your library for your organization to maximize its value.

Any library in Flexitive can be turned into a shared library, and you can have multiple Shared libraries on a Flexitive instance. Shared libraries setups are very flexible, and can be tailored to your needs. 

Shared libraries are available under Flexitive Enterprise subscriptions. Contact your account manager or to set up your Shared library. 

How do I move a design into a Shared Library?

Moving designs between Shared Libraries is easy, just drag and drop!

To move a design to a Shared Library, open the Library you'd like to move the design to, and then use the normal move functionality to drag and drop the design to the new folder.

Shared Libraries and Custom Naming Conventions

Setting a Custom Naming Convention will change the naming convention of all Flexitive export formats to match the custom naming convention. These naming conventions will be set at the library level in Flexitive.

If you have a custom naming convention applied to a library, and you share that library with another instance, files the other instance exports from Flexitive will use that same custom naming convention that was applied in your instance.

For more information on custom naming conventions, check out our article on Custom Naming Conventions.