Every Flexitive account has a Design library where your designs are stored in folders and sub-folders. A Shared Library allows you to share folders with members of teams on other Flexitive sites.

With Shared libraries you can:

  • safely share and easily collaborate across different teams, markets, and partners.

  • custom tailor your library for your organization to maximize its value.

You can have multiple Shared libraries on your account. You can use your existing design library, or you can add libraries to your account as Shared libraries. Shared libraries setups are very flexible, and can be tailored to your needs. 

Shared libraries are available under Flexitive Enterprise subscriptions. Contact your account manager or support@flexitive.com to set up your Shared library. 

How do I move a design into a Shared Library?

Moving designs between Shared Libraries is easy, just drag and drop!

To move a design to a Shared Library, open the Library you'd like to move the design to, and then use the normal move functionality to drag and drop the design to the new folder.