There are many ways to display a design you built in Flexitive to a client, including Preview Pages and setting up Free View Only Users. If your client has their own Flexitive site, another option to share design is to set up a Shared Library with your Client.

Shared Libraries are available to users under a Flexitive Enterprise plan. For more information on our pricing plans, check out our pricing page

What is a Design Library?

A Design Library is a set of folders, which contain Flexitive designs. 

Every Flexitive instance has its own Design Library, which is called 'Design Library' by default:

What is a Shared Library?

Design Libraries can be shared between Flexitive instances, a Design Library that is shared is called a 'Shared Library'. 

Shared libraries are great for:

  • Managing design approvals when a brand is dealing with multiple agencies
  • Managing design approvals when an agency is dealing with multiple brands.

How do I move design into a Shared Library?

Moving designs between Shared Libraries is easy, just drag and drop!

To move a design to a Shared Library, open the Library you'd like to move the design to, and then use the normal move functionality to drag and drop the design to the new folder.

How do I setup a shared Library?

Currently shared libraries are available to users under a Flexitive Enterprise plan. To request a Shared Library, contact your Flexitive Account Manager, or email