If your team has a custom naming convention that all design files must follow, Flexitive can help ensure the consistency of file names using Flexitive's Custom Naming Conventions feature

For accounts on a Flexitive Enterprise plan, you may request that the naming convention of files exported from Flexitive be changed to match a naming convention set by your team.

Setting a Custom Naming Convention will change the naming convention of all Flexitive export formats to match the custom naming convention.

Custom Naming Conventions are set to apply to a library in a Flexitive instance, which means that if you have multiple libraries you can have different naming conventions for those different libraries. For example, if you have different libraries to serve different purposes, such as a variety of teams for a global brand, or different clients for an agency, you'll be able to set up different naming conventions for those different teams or clients.

If you have shared a library across different teams, any naming conventions you have applied to that library will applied to any of the designs exported from that library, regardless of which instance it was viewed from. For more information on shared libraries, check out our article on Shared Libraries.

When setting the naming convention for your files, you may use any of the following Design Label Fields from your Flexitive Design:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Custom ID
  • Custom Field 1
  • Custom Field 2
  • Country (e.g Germany/DE/DEU)
  • Language (e.g English/EN/ENG)
  • Channel (e.g. Display/DIS)
  • File Format (e.g. HTML5/JPEG/GIF/MP4)

In addition to these design labels, you may use the following labels that are included in a Flexitive design:

  • Ad Server
  • CMS
  • Design Size (required label)

When setting a Custom Naming Convention, the Design Size is a required field to ensure that files within a ZIP file are each uniquely named.

For more information on setting up a Custom Naming Convention for your Flexitive account, reach out to support@flexitive.com