When exporting designs from Flexitive, PNG and JPG image assets in your designs will automatically be optimized for the lowest possible file size without sacrificing quality. There may still be times that your file size is too large for the ad server that you are trying to upload your project to.

Below are some common causes of high file sizes in exports, as well as some recommendations for how to overcome them:

  • Using GIF and MP4 Assets
    • GIF and MP4 assets are not compressed when exported from Flexitive and have higher file sizes than static images by nature. If you are using GIF or MP4 assets in your design, it can increase the file size.
    • In these cases, you can choose to compress your GIF or MP4 prior to uploading the asset to Flexitive or replace the GIF or MP4 element with a YouTube embed or static image.
    • Learn more about adding a YouTube video to your design: YouTube Videos

  • Adding a large number of images to your project
    • While Flexitive automatically compresses and crops all of the images in your Flexitive design on export, it is still possible to have a high file size if there are a lot of images in your design. In these cases, it can help to look at which images can be replaced by objects that have a much lower file size, such as Text and Shapes

  • Ensure you have uploaded the right file format
    • In general, JPGs will compress better than PNGs, which in turn compress better than SVGs. Adding transparency will also usually increase the file size of the image for your project. This is important to consider when adding images to your design. For more information on this, we recommend that you look at our article on Uploading Images & Asset Guidelines

  • Adjust the Image Asset Quality 
    • When exporting your designs from the Export Panel, the Image Asset Quality value is set to 95 by default. You can increase or decrease this value when exporting your design. 
    • Learn more about Adjusting Image Quality

If you have already looked at these four options and are still running into problems with your file size, you can always reach out to a member of the Flexitive Support team at support@flexitive.com. Please attach a copy of your Flexitive export, and include the Design ID so that they can investigate.