Whenever you export a project from Flexitive, any images that are included in the banner are automatically compressed and cropped to be the smallest possible file size while still looking good. There will still be times that your file size is too large for the ad server that you are trying to upload your project to.

Below are some common causes of high file sizes in exports, as well as some recommendations for how to overcome them:

  • Using GIF and MP4 files
    • GIF and MP4 files have higher file sizes than static images by nature, and if you are using one of these files in your design, it can sometimes drastically increase file size. In these cases, it will usually help to try using either a static image or by replacing an MP4 with a YouTube embed.
    • Flexitive does NOT apply smart compression to GIFs.

  • There are a very large number of images in your project
    • Even though Flexitive automatically compresses and crops all of the images that you export for your Flexitive project, it is still possible to have a high file size if there a lot of images in your project. In these cases, it can help to look at which images can be replaced by objects that have a much lower file size, such as Text and Shapes.

  • You may be able to save on file size by making slight changes to the image you upload
    • In general, JPGs will compress better than PNGs, which in turn compress better than SVGs. Adding transparency will also usually increase the file size of the image for your project. This is important to consider when adding images to your canvas. For more information on this, I recommend that you take a look at our article on Uploading Images.

If you have already looked at these three options and are still running into problems with your file size, you can always reach out to a member of the Flexitive Support team at support@flexitive.com. Please attach a copy of your Flexitive export, and include the Design-ID so that they can investigate.