Building designs for Social Media in Flexitive is done in exactly the same way as building regular fixed size design. For more information on how to build standard Fixed Size designs, I recommend checking out our Video Tutorials.

To start a new design for Social Media, name your design and click Create. Set the editor panel to full screen by clicking the Fullscreen button in the top right corner and scroll to the bottom of the templates. Click the Blank Canvas for social sizes.

After opening a Blank Canvas for social design, the first thing you will see in the editor is the All Sizes View. As with building any fixed size design, you can enter the editor for your first size by clicking on it.

The Sizes panel for Social designs is a little bit different from other designs. In the Social Tab of the Sizes panel, resolutions are sorted by Social Media Platforms, and labelled by their related image in that platform, rather than by their size.

You can use the Sizes panel to activate a new size for your project by clicking the Plus button for that size, as shown below. Clicking the Plus button in the Sizes panel activates the resolution for that image.

Designs for Social Media are always exported as static JPEG images, so you don't need to activate animations for your design. It is also recommended to not include and GIF or Video assets in designs built for Social media.

As with any Flexitive Project, you can activate new sizes by clicking on them in the All Sizes view.

If you need a size that is not included by default, contact a member of the Flexitive Support team at and they will activate it for you.

Exporting a Social Design

Most social media platforms do not accept HTML5 design uploads, so when you export your design for social media you should export static JPEG images.

To export your designs for Social Media, open the Export panel on the right-hand side of the editor and click the Social Tab

Export as Static Image will be selected by default.  Select the sizes that you would like to export and click Export Design (.ZIP). Static images are exported as a ZIP file containing all of the sizes of design that you selected.