When you create an SVG to display your text, it is important to create outlines around any text elements in the SVG. We recommend that any SVG used to display text is converted to outlines before you upload the image to Flexitive.

When you create an SVG version of text, the text will reference the font file on your computer by default. SVGs set up in this way look fine on your computer, but because the file the SVG references will not be on other devices, the SVG will appear incorrectly when displayed on other devices. The best way to fix this is to create outlines of the text in SVGs you are using for text.

When you create outlines around text in an SVG, the text in the SVG will be set as an image, and will no longer reference a file on your computer. Once you create outlines for text, the text can't be edited, so it's important to make sure you are happy with the layout of your text before creating outlines.

If you're using Illustrator to create your SVGs, you can find detailed instructions on creating outlines around your text, as well as many other text formatting options, in their article on How to Format Type in Illustrator.