When working with a Flexitive text box, you can set text boxes to automatically resize based on the length of the text in your design. This is done by turning the 'Auto-Resize Text Box' toggle in the 'Text Settings Panel' to On.

When a text element is set to have 'Auto-Resize Text Box', the width or height of the text box will adjust to fit the text in the text box. This is perfect for creating buttons in Flexitive, and for creating text elements that will adapt when edited via a template.

Auto-Resizing Text Boxes and Word Wrap

When editing a text box with 'Auto-Resize Text Box' toggled ON, the 'Text Wrap' settings will control how the text box is going to resize.


If your text box is set to 'Wrap Words' 'Wrap Letters', the text will wrap to a new line when it reaches the right-most edge of the text box. This text wrapping will cause the text box to expand vertically.


If your text box is set to 'Don't Wrap', when the text reaches the right-most edge of the text box, it will continue to extend horizontally and can continue to expand past the canvas border. This will cause the text box to resize horizontally.


For more information on Text Wrap settings, check out our article on how to Style Your Text.

Auto-Resizing Text Box Padding

When using the 'Auto-Resize Text Box' feature in Flexitive, you will also be able to set padding around the edges of the text to the text box.

On fixed and social sizes, the padding will be measured in pixels. On responsive sizes, the padding is measured as a percentage of the width of the canvas.

Padding affects specifically the size you're working in and can be changed on a size-by-size basis.