In Flexitive, it is possible to copy and paste text from an outside source into a text box for your design. Copying and Pasting text into a text box from an outside source can save time in design production, but occasionally the formatting for the text copied from outside of Flexitive will contain characters or formatting that does not interact well with the Flexitive text editor. One example of a character that does not interact well with the Flexitive text editor is an ETX character.

In Photoshop, there are two ways to create a line break. You can either:

  • Press 'Enter' to create a hard line break; or
  • Press 'Shift+Enter' to put the cursor on a new line, without starting a new paragraph.

Using 'Shift+Enter' will add an invisible character called an 'ETX'. If text containing an ETX is copied and pasted into another program, the ETX will still be included in the HTML.

ETX characters have been known to cause problems with text editors outside of Photoshop in the past, and will sometimes result in 'L' characters and boxes to appear in their place when viewed on a Windows machine.

If you find an 'L' or box character on your design, it is recommended to edit the text in your design by deleting the word following the 'L', the word preceding the 'L', and the space between them. Then, re-type the words you deleted.