Embed any YouTube video into your Flexitive design using our YouTube Widget. Video elements are a great way to add engaging content to your design for Display Ads, Digital Signage, Website Content, and Social Media posts. 

If you’d like to add an MP4 video element to your design, see our guide on MP4 Videos.

YouTube Ads / Monetized Videos

When embedding a YouTube video into your design, it’s important to know whether the video you embed is monetized or not. 

If the video you embed has monetization turned on, YouTube ads will play before your video. We recommend embedding an unmonetized video.

Add a YouTube Video to your Design

To add a YouTube video, first, find the YouTube URL and copy it. 

1. You can copy the URL from the browser address bar;

2. Or, under the YouTube video, click Share and copy the URL.

In Flexitive, open the Widgets panel from the left-hand side, and under Videos select Youtube.

Selecting YouTube will place a YouTube element onto your canvas. 

Once the Widget is added, the Video Settings panel will open. Add the YouTube URL to the ‘Paste YouTube link here’ field, and click the blue arrow to the right of the text. If the video has been embedded properly you will see the video appear in the element.

Once you have added a YouTube video to your canvas, you can adjust the way the video is displayed using the Video Settings.

Video Settings

The Video Settings can be found directly underneath the ‘Paste YouTube link here’ field in the Video Settings panel.


Effect when Toggled ON


Show YouTube Video Player Controls, including Play/Pause and Captions


The video will automatically replay when it reaches the end of the video


The video will be un-muted by default when it begins to play


The video will start to play as soon as it is displayed


The option to Fullscreen the video will be available in the controls

Modest Branding

A YouTube watermark will be displayed briefly in the right-hand corner of the video when it begins to play. If Controls are toggled Off, then this toggle will have no effect.

Play Inline

Allows for videos to be played without fullscreen in iOS devices

Start Time

Allows you to set the time the video begins at

End Time

Allows you to set the time the video ends at

Autoplay With Sound

If setting your video to Autoplay with Sound, be aware that there are some limitations. Most browsers do not allow autoplay with sound. Learn more about Chrome’s AutoPlay Policies

In Flexitive, you still have the option of setting your video to Autoplay with Sound as there will be times when you are displaying your design outside of a browser and require sound.