You can embed any video from YouTube into a Flexitive page. If the video you embed has monetization turned on, YouTubes ads will play before your video, so it is important to make sure the video you embed is unmonetized. Making a video unmotetized is only possible if the channel where the video was uploaded to is part of the 'YouTube Partner Program'. YouTube also recommends a min-width of 300px when embedding a YouTube video into your design so that all YouTube controls are visible.

To add a YouTube video, you will first need to find the YouTube URL.

Once you know the URL for the video you wish to embed, return to your Flexitive design. Open the Widgets panel, under the Videos tab, tap YouTube. Tapping YouTube will place a YouTube video element onto your canvas.

To embed a YouTube video into the element, select the YouTube element and open the Customize panel on the left-hand side of the editor. Scroll down in the Customize panel to the Paste YouTube link here field. Paste the URL into the field and click the blue arrow to the right of the text. If the video has embedded properly you will see the video appear in the element.

Once you have added a YouTube video to your canvas, you can adjust the way the video is displayed using the Video Settings. The Video Settings can be found directly underneath the Paste YouTube link here field in the Video Settings Panel.

In the Video Settings, you can adjust the following:

Effect when Toggled ON
The Video will Automatically Loop when it reaches the end of the video
The video will be un-muted by default when it begins to play
The video will start to play as soon as it is displayed
Show Info
Video Information such as the title will be displayed at the top of the video during mouseover
The option to Fullscreen the video will be available in the controls
Modest Branding
A YouTube watermark will be displayed briefly in the right-hand corner of the video when it begins to play. If Controls are toggled Off, then this toggle will have no effect.
Play Inline
Allows for videos to be played without fullscreen in iOS
Places a 'More Info' box in the top right-hand corner of the video
Related Videos
When the video finishes, related video suggestions will be displayed
Start/End Time
Allows you to set a portion of the video to display in the design

Autoplay and Mobile Devices

When displaying a design containing a YouTube Video, you may notice setting the autoplay option to On does not have any effect on a mobile or tablet device. 

If your design has a video set to AutoPlay, and the design is being viewed on an Android/iOS smartphone or tablet, you need to ensure your video sound is set to Mute. Autoplay on mobile is only allowed with muted sound. When the design is displayed, a mute button will appear. If someone viewing the design taps the mute button, the video will begin playing sound.