Flexitive, in conjunction with Monotype's Web Font Platform, supports both free and paid fonts. There are over 700 free fonts that come with Flexitive, including Google Web Fonts and some Fonts.com free fonts. There are also thousands of paid fonts that can be accessed through Fonts.com. You also have the option to upload your own fonts.

If you do not see a font available in Flexitive by default, this is likely because it is a font Paid Font. Some fonts you may be used to working with, such as Arial and Helvetica Neue, are not free fonts. These will require you to either use a fonts.com subscription or upload your own purchased self-hosting kit. 

Free Fonts

As mentioned, there are over 700 free fonts available in Flexitive - including Google web fonts. In addition, every Flexitive account has access to the following free fonts from Fonts.com

  1. Amasis

  2. Ayita Pro 

  3. Bembo Book 

  4. Burlingame

  5. Charlotte Serif

  6. Crestwood 

  7. Dante  eText 

  8. English 111

  9. Fords Folly 

  10. Harmonia Sans 

  11. Linotype Didot eText 

  12. Neuzeit Office 

  13. News Gothic BT 

  14. Old English

Paid Fonts

There are two approaches when it comes to accessing paid fonts: through Fonts.com or through FontSquirrel.com.

  1. For large web font packages (3 000-40 000+ fonts), you can visit Fonts.com. From here you will be able to purchase a package of web fonts on a month-by-month basis. Note, these monthly licenses limit how many impressions are allowed for that font, and these impression limits are currently quite low for digital advertising, and might be too low for you. If you find the impression limit on the subscriptions are too low for you, please contact the Fonts.com sales team at info@fonts.com - they will likely be able to offer you a package that suits your needs, be sure to mention that you are using these fonts for Digital Advertising, with Flexitive.com.

  2. If you are looking for an individual font, or a smaller font pack, you can head over to FontSquirrel.com. FontSquirrel also offers frequent sales and deals on its more unconventional fonts (see the "Almost Free" section on their site). Once purchased, these fonts can be uploaded into Flexitive.

To save a design with a paid font from Fonts.com, login to your Fonts.com account or replace the paid font with a free font and save the design.

Using the Cost Filter

By default, all fonts shown in the font selection drop down will be the Free fonts available in Flexitive. If you would like to see fonts that are Paid fonts, you will need to use the Cost Filter in the dropdown.

In the filter, there are two toggles: Paid and Free. If either of these are toggled On, then the fonts that fall into those categories will be displayed.

If you use a font that falls under the category of Paid, you will need to confirm your fonts.com subscription when you save the design. If you choose to not confirm this, your font will revert to a default font after exiting the editor.