Get started in Flexitive with our Essentials and Deeper Dives Tutorial videos;

The Essentials - Flexitive Tutorials Playlist

The Essentials playlist is perfect for beginners who want to grasp the core functionalities of Flexitive. Discover step-by-step guides on creating design sizes, customizing designs with text and images, exploring layout options, and more. Get ready to elevate your design skills and create stunning visuals across omnichannel communications that leave a lasting impression.

The Essentials Playlist includes;

1. Creating your first design size - Flexitive Tutorial: 

Learn how to create your first design size from scratch, exploring the different template options such as Custom, Fixed, Responsive, and Social. Learn how to navigate the 'All Sizes' view, as well as how to add images, global assets, text, and shapes to your design. 

2. Animating your design - Flexitive Tutorial: 

We explore how to effectively use the Animation Keyframes Panel, how to apply captivating hover state animations within Flexitive, and how to further customize your animations through using animated SVGs within your designs. 

3. Activating Unlimited Sizes - Flexitive Tutorial: 

We cover the best practices for making changes across different design sizes and controlling the size activation to effortlessly create designs for fixed, responsive, or social sizes. 

4. Generating Live Preview Pages - Flexitive Tutorial: 

Learn how to generate an In-App Preview as well as a Live Preview page URL that you can send to clients and stakeholders for efficient collaboration and feedback. 

5. Exporting Designs for Any Size & Channel – Flexitive Tutorial: 

Learn how to export your design for any size, channel, and file format. Flexitive automatically optimizes your images for each size and even optimizes code so that it works everywhere.

The Deeper Dives - Flexitive Tutorials Playlist

Our Deeper Dives playlist is designed for intermediate and advanced users who want to dive deeper into specific Flexitive features. Learn how to add video or interactive elements, create custom-branded design templates, and more. Unleash the full potential of Flexitive and take your designs to new heights!

The Deeper Dives Playlist includes;

Layers, Position & Visibility - Flexitive Tutorial:

We'll discuss how to manage your layers by dragging and dropping, how to set a background image and how you can hide or show elements on particular sizes. This tutorial also covers different positioning options for elements such as fit and fill and crop.

Anchoring Elements and Auto-Resizing Text Boxes- Flexitive Tutorial: 

Learn how to easily connect elements and have them stay anchored (vertically or horizontally) as you edit your design and create new sizes. Whenever you resize or reposition one element, the other element will reposition automatically to remain anchored and maintain the set alignment.

Video Elements - Flexitive Tutorial: 

Learn how to incorporate video elements into your Flexitive designs through uploading existing videos, or embedding Youtube videos. Customize playback options like autoplay, show/hide controls with no coding required.

Creating a Custom Design Template - Flexitive Tutorial: 

Learn how to create custom design templates for instant design creation. Any Flexitive design can be turned into a Custom Template so that all designs and sizes will be brand compliant. 

Any design created from a Custom Template can have full editing capabilities.

Design Accessibility - Flexitive Tutorial: 

Ensure your designs are accessible to all audiences. Discover how to optimize your designs for accessibility, including using alternative text, aria labels, scalable text, and other accessibility best practices. 

Live Multi Design Preview Pages - Flexitive Tutorial: 

Flexitive’s multi-design preview page can be used to showcase multiple designs on a single page, allowing users to review and compare design variations, or similar designs. 

Responsive Global Assets and Design Systems - Flexitive Tutorial: 

Any design created in Flexitive can be used as a global asset and embedded in any number of other designs. When any change is made to the global asset, all designs where the global asset is embedded can be updated.

Automated Variations (DDP) - Flexitive Tutorial

Dynamic Design Production in Flexitive lets you automate the creation of 100s of design variations directly from a data feed - perfect when creating demographic, geographic, or language variations. This can also help to automate the labeling of your design files as metadata can be included in your data feed.

Digital Signage Playlist Manager - Flexitive Tutorial

Making playlists for Digital Signage Screens is an inexpensive and fast way to display your live designs for Indoor or OOH digital signage.