Welcome to Flexitive! (2 min)

Tutorial 1 - Sizes (4 min)

Tutorial 2 - Uploading Assets (6 min)

Tutorial 3 - Adding Shapes (1 min)

Tutorial 4 - Swapping Assets  (1.5 min)

Tutorial 5 - Adding Animations (9 min)

Tutorial 6 - Views and Zoom (2 min)

Tutorial 7 - Publishing or Exporting (3 min)

Welcome to Flexitive!

Tutorial 1 -  Sizes

This video will provide an in-depth look at the sizes panel and activating new sizes. 

Tutorial 2 - Assets

This video explains uploading assets to Flexitive, placing assets on your canvas, working with text boxes and uploading videos to your designs.

Tutorial 3 - Adding Shapes 

This video explains how to place shapes on the canvas for your design and how to control the properties of these shapes.

Tutorial 4 - Swapping Assets

This video provides an explanation of how to duplicate projects and how to swap assets in your design.

Tutorial 5 - Adding Animations

This video will provide you with an in-depth look at how to create animations using Flexitive's Animation panel.

Tutorial 6 - Views and Zoom

This video will explain how each function in the Views and Zoom panels works.

Tutorial 7 - Publishing or Exporting

This video will explain how you can use the Preview and Export  options for publishing in Flexitive.