When exporting a Flexitive design as HTML5 for an ad server, you can either export the design as a Javascript tag, or an HTML5 .ZIP file. The file type you will need to export will vary based on the ad server you are using. To see which file types are supported by each ad server, please see our article on Ad Servers Supported by Flexitive.

Exporting for An Ad Server

To export you Flexitive Design for an ad server, go to the Export panel, click the 'Ad Server' tab, then select your ad server in the ad server drop-down menu. If you are not exporting for a specific ad server, select No Ad Server (Flexitive).

After selecting an ad server, choose the sizes to export from Flexitive, and then click on either Export Tags or Export Design to download a file for your ad server.

Exporting Tags will provide an XLSX file containing a script that you can use to host your design. This script calls the Flexitive CDN to display the design.

Exporting a design as a ZIP will provide you with a ZIP file containing each size you have chosen to export. The exported designs include all the images and code necessary for hosting the design and are cropped and compressed to their lowest possible file size.

Not all ad servers support .ZIP exports and not all ad servers support tag exports. If either option cannot be selected for your desired ad server, then that file type may not supported by the server.

Only one ad server may be chosen per export. If you require exports for multiple ad servers, you will need to separately export for each ad server you need.

If you need to export for an ad server that isn't listed, or the file type you need for an ad server is not available, contact a member of the Flexitive Support team at support@flexitive.com.