Designing at scale in Flexitive is easy because you can make changes across all activated sizes (i.e. adding and animating elements), rather than making them on each individual size. Sometimes you’ll want to make changes that affect only your current size instead (i.e. moving and resizing an element differently between portrait and landscape).

When designing with multiple sizes or size types, it's important to understand whether a change you make will affect All Sizes in your design, or just the Current Size.  Below, we've listed a variety of types of edits you can make (e.g. animations, or text), and whether the different editing options for each will effect All Sizes in your design, or the Current Size you are working in.

If you’re planning to make a change that would normally affect all sizes of your design, and you'd like to leave your existing sizes unchanged, you may want to first duplicate your design, and edit the duplicate.


Building Your Design

Change/EditAll Sizes or Current Size?
Setting Background ColorAll Sizes
Adding ElementsAll Sizes
Deleting ElementsAll Sizes
Swapping ElementsAll Sizes
Re-sizing ElementCurrent Size
Moving Element/Changing AlignmentCurrent Size
Element's Layer OrderCurrent Size
Fill/Fill & Crop/Stretch SettingCurrent Size
Flipping ElementCurrent Size
Zoom LevelCurrent Size
Focus PointCurrent Size
Element VisibilityCurrent Size
Click-Through URLAll Sizes


Change/EditAll Sizes or Current Size?
Hover State AnimationsAll Sizes
Animation Sequences All Sizes
Animation Frame CountAll Sizes
Setting Element as Replay ButtonAll Sizes
Video SettingsAll Sizes


Change/EditAll Sizes or Current Size?
Changing Text All Sizes
Text ColourAll Sizes
Changing FontAll Sizes
Font Size (Lock Font Size Off)Current Size
Font Size (Lock Font Size On)All Sizes
Text AlignmentAll Sizes
Adding a Scrollbar to a Text Box All Sizes


Change/EditAll Sizes or Current Size?
Color of a ShapeAll Sizes
Border Width of a ShapeAll Sizes
Radius of edges on a RectangleAll Sizes


Change/EditAll Sizes or Current Size?
Embedded Pages in a WidgetAll Sizes
Video In a YouTube WidgetAll Sizes
Video Settings for a YouTube WidgetAll Sizes
Duration and Delay of Transition in a Carousel WidgetAll Sizes
Transition Animations in a Carousel WidgetAll Sizes
Height of Embedded Pages in ISI/Legal Widget Current Size
ISI/Legal Widget Resize Options (Delay/Toggle Resize)All Sizes