A 'Fixed Aspect Ratio Preview' in Flexitive is a preview page displaying the Responsive design sizes you've built in Flexitive. In the Fixed Aspect Ratio previews, you'll be able to see all the responsive aspect ratios you've activated, including In-Page and Fullscreen aspect ratios.

Designs in a Fixed Aspect Ratio preview are sorted by their category. Using the tabs in the top left corner of the preview page, you'll can to navigate to the different categories.

To create a Fixed Aspect Ratio Preview, open the Publish panel on the right-hand side of the editor, and open the Preview tab. You can then select the Fixed Aspect Ratios you'd like to preview, and click 'Preview Design' at the bottom of the panel.

When viewing a Fixed Aspect Ratio Preview, can view a responsive preview of the aspect ratio by clicking the 'Responsive Preview' button next to the aspect ratio.

Using a 'Responsive Preview', you can re-size the browser screen to see how the design will appear at different screen resolutions. If you'd like to set minimum or maximum pixel values for the dimensions of a responsive design, you can use the minimum and maximum width/height options in the Preview page of the publish panel.

As with any preview in Flexitive, Fixed Aspect Ratio Previews are updated in real time when you make changes to your designs, so you'll always see the most up to date version of the design. The URL for a Fixed Aspect Ratio Preview can be viewed by anyone, whether they're a Flexitive user or not.