Creating a preview of your design in Flexitive can be done quickly and easily using the Preview Panel located on the right-hand side of the editor.

To create a preview page to share externally, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Preview Panel on the right-hand side of the editor.

  2. Select the sizes you would like to include in your preview using the checkboxes for each size.

  3. Tap the "External Preview" button at the bottom of the panel.

After creating the external preview page, you'll be able to share the URL for the preview with anyone.


External Preview

External preview pages are perfect for when you need to share your design for approvals or review. External preview pages can be shared with anyone, and will always display the most up-to-date version of your designs. 

If you save a change to your design in Flexitive, the change will be visible on the preview page after you refresh the preview page.

When reviewing an external preview page, we ensure that all assets are optimized in a way consistent with how they'll appear in the final published version of your design. For that reason, there may be times where you see the modal below when you first load a preview page.

Once all the assets for your design have been optimized and loaded to the preview page, this modal will automatically close.

In-App Preview

With the in-app preview, you can preview your design sizes all at once, or individually from within Flexitive. The in-app preview is especially useful when previewing responsive sizes, as it allows you to re-size your design to see how the design will re-size across different breakpoints. 

In the Preview panel, you can create an in-app preview by:

  • Clicking the 'In-App Preview' button to the right of the size you'd like to preview. Clicking this button will create a preview of specifically the size you have selected to preview.

  • Selecting the sizes you'd like to preview, and then clicking the 'In-App Preview' button at the bottom of the panel. This will create an in-app preview displaying all the sizes you selected to review.

When you are previewing the in-app preview for a specific responsive size, you'll be able to re-size the design by dragging the corners of the design. Re-sizing the design can show you how the design will adapt to different screen resolutions and aspect ratios.


Add Your Brand's Logo to Your Preview Pages

In Flexitive, you can replace the 'Flexitive' Logo in your preview page, and replace the preview page URL with a custom URL. Learn more about changing the branding of your preview page here

Branded preview pages are available under our Enterprise subscriptions. Reach out to your account manager or for more details.