Exporting your design for CMS allows you to easily host your design as a live file using an iframe export, or as an offline file using an HTML5 ZIP. Learn more about Offline vs Live File here: Offline Files vs Live Files

If you plan to serve your design using an ad server or DSP, such as Google Campaign Manager or Google Ad Manager, you'll need to export your designs for that ad server or DSP, rather than for CMS. For more information, check out our article on Exporting for Ad Servers / DSPs.

Publishing Designs Before Exporting

Before exporting your design from Flexitive, you will need to Publish your design. Publishing your design will automatically save your design and update any live files of the design exported from Flexitive. Learn more about Publishing your Design.

Choose Offline or Live Files

To export your Flexitive Design as HTML5 for CMS, go to the Export panel and select the ‘CMS’ tab, under the Responsive tab. Then, choose between exporting Offline or Live Files. 

Offline Files

Exporting a design as an Offline ZIP file will provide you with a ZIP file containing the fully responsive size you have chosen to export. The exported design includes all the images and code necessary for hosting the design and is cropped and compressed to the lowest possible file size.

At this time, exporting a responsive design as an HTML5 ZIP or offline file is a beta feature in Flexitive and is only available with a Fully Responsive design. For more information, reach out to a member of the Flexitive Support Team at

Live Files

When you export a Live file for CMS, you will receive an excel document with the script for an iframe. You can then copy and paste directly into the HTML for your site.

Live file exports for CMS allow you to host designs in the same way as the design below. They will use any clickthrough, animation, or hover state settings that you set in Flexitive.

Designs exported as iframes for CMS are hosted on the Flexitive servers, so serving fees will apply.

Select a CMS Platform

After you choose to export for CMS, you’ll be able to select which CMS platform you would like to export for.

In Flexitive, we support exporting for the following CMS programs, although exports may work with other platforms as well:

Content Management System

Supports Live Files?

Supports Offline Files?

Custom Site








Only one CMS platform may be chosen per export. If you require exports for multiple CMS platforms, you will need to separately export for each CMS platform you need.

If you need to export for a CMS platform that isn't listed, contact a member of the Flexitive Support team at You can also try exporting your design for a 'Custom Site', as the files you receive when exporting for a Custom Site will work for most CMS platforms.

Set Export Properties

Once you've chosen a CMS platform to export form, you will be able to set properties for your design. 

Export Properties:

Export Properties

Offline Files

Live Files

Image Asset Quality


Embed web fonts


Add 1-pixel border

Fully Responsive vs Fixed Aspect Ratio Designs

You can choose to export your responsive design as either: 

  • A Fixed Aspect Ratio Responsive Design 
    • A Fixed Aspect Ratio Design will respond to a changing resolution while maintaining the same aspect ratio. 
    • Can be exported as either an offline or live file.

  • A Fully Responsive Design 
    • A Fully Responsive Design is a design that will completely fill the container it is displayed in, regardless of the container's dimensions. The design layout will adjust based on the different aspect ratios it is displayed at. 
    • Can be exported as a live file only.

Exporting Offline Files

To export an offline file: 

  1. Open the Export panel 
  2. Click the 'Responsive' tab 
  3. Select the CMS tab 
  4. Click the ‘Offline File’ tab 
  5. Choose a CMS option from the dropdown 
  6. Set your export properties 
  7. Select 'Fully Responsive' 
  8. Click ‘Download File (.ZIP).

Exporting an offline file will provide you with a ZIP file containing the fully responsive size you have chosen to export. The exported designs include all the images and code necessary for hosting the design, and the images will be cropped and compressed to their lowest possible file size without sacrificing image quality.

Exporting Live Files

To export a live design: 

  1. Open the Export panel 
  2. Click the 'Responsive' tab 
  3. Under the CMS tab, click the Live File tab 
  4. Choose a CMS option from the dropdown 
  5. Set your export properties 
  6. Choose the sizes you’d like to export 
  7. Click ‘Download File (.XLSX)’.

When exporting a responsive design, you can set the minimum and maximum height or width for the design. Setting a value for these fields places an upper or lower bound on the dimensions of the design. 

Learn more about Minimum and Maximum Dimensions.

Exporting Tags will provide an XLSX file containing scripts that you can use to host your designs. This script calls the Flexitive CDN to display the design. 

Designs exported as a Live File can be updated to the most recent version of your design by publishing the design in Flexitive. Any updates you made to your design will be automatically pushed to the Live files without having to re-export or re-traffic those designs. 

Designs exported as live files for Ad Servers are hosted on the Flexitive servers, so serving fees will apply.