In Flexitive, exporting a Responsive design for a CMS platform can be done by exporting an iframe of the design. The export you receive will be formatted to work with the CMS of your choice. For a list of CMS platforms supported by Flexitive, check out the table below.


Content Management System

Support Exporting Iframe Embeds?

Custom Site








If the CMS you use is not supported in Flexitive, reach out to a Flexitive Support team member at

Exporting Fixed Aspect Ratio Designs for CMS


Fixed Aspect Ratio Design will respond to a changing resolution while maintaining the same aspect ratio. For an example, check out the GIF below.



To export a Fixed Aspect Ratio Design for a CMS, open the Export panel, and click the Responsive>CMS tabs. 



Select the CMS you'd like to export for, and the aspect ratios you'd like to export, and click 'Export Iframe Embed'.


When exporting a responsive design, you can set the minimum and maximum height or width for the design. Setting a value for these fields places an upper or lower bound on the dimensions for the design.

When you export a tag from Flexitive, you'll receive an XLSX file containing the script required to serve your design.

Exporting a Fully Responsive Design for CMS


A Fully Responsive Design is a design that will completely fill the container it is displayed in, regardless of the container's dimensions. The responsive design will adjust its layout based on the different aspect ratios it is displayed at.


In Flexitive, you can export a fully responsive design as an iframe embed to insert your design into the HTML code for your site.

To export a fully responsive design, open the Export panel, and click the 'Responsive' tab. Choose a CMS option from the dropdown and scroll to the bottom of the panel to select 'Fully Responsive' under the Fully Responsive section of the panel and click 'Export Iframe Embed'.



You'll have the option to set the Min/Max Width and Height of any Fully Responsive design you export from Flexitive. Setting the Min/Max Width and Height of a design will place upper and lower bounds on the dimensions of the design you're exporting.



At this time, exporting a responsive design as an HTML5 ZIP is a beta feature in Flexitive. For more information, reach out to a member of the Flexitive Support Team at