When uploading an image to the web, sometimes the colors can look different from the original image. The difference in color is due to the color profile of your image not matching the color profile used by web browsers. 

A color profile is a specific range of colors available to an image to display. The standard color profile for the web is sRGB. When uploading your image assets to Flexitive, they should have a color profile of sRGB. Other examples of color profiles include Adobe RGB and ProPhoto RGB.

You can find a full explanation of color profiles and spaces here

As ProPhoto RGB or Adobe RGB have a wider color profile than sRGB, images with ProPhoto RGB or Adobe RGB color profiles have a reduced range of colors available for the image to show on the web. This causes a variation in color when uploading to the web. 

When prepping assets, you can check the color profile of your image by right-clicking on the image and selecting ‘Get Info’. To convert the color profile of your image you can use Photoshop or another design tool. When the image is exported from Photoshop and Saved for Web, Photoshop uses the sRGB color profile. Changing the color profile to sRGB allows the image to be uploaded to Flexitive without color variation.