In Flexitive, every account has access to a wide variety of sizes to build designs. The sizes available by default include Fixed, Responsive and Social sizes. See a full list of available sizes.

In the Sizes Panel, under the Fixed tab, use the filter option to first see if the required size is available. If a size you need to build a Flexitive design is not available by default, you can add a custom fixed size to your account from the Sizes Panel. 

Filtering Sizes:

When looking for a size in Flexitive, use the filter options found in the Sizes Panel. 

Enter the width and height for the required size to see if the size exists by default, for example 300x600.

Adding a Custom Size

If the size you require is not available, you’ll see a ‘Size not found’ message. 

To add that size to your account, select the ‘+ Add 505x300 for all users’ to add that size to your account. 

When you add a custom size, it’s added to every design in your account, so they’ll always be available to all users within your account.