When building a design campaign to use for Automated Variations, the first step is to build a Master Design Template. This master design template will then be used to build out all of the other design variations you need to create in your design.

Building a master design template is done in the same way as building any other Flexitive design, and is done using standard image and text elements.

When building your master design, we recommend the following best practices in your design:

  • Building a master design should be the first step to the design process, and whenever possible, should happen before you start preparing your data feed.
    • By completing the master design before creating your data feed, you can better understand the layout for your design, and ensure that any images or text added to the design during the automated variation generation will look good.

  • When you first start building the design, you may want to consider building a responsive design. By building a responsive design, you can then activate any number of fixed sizes with only a few click.

  • Dynamic text elements use the same styling for all of the text within the text element, so when building a design as a master design template, it is recommended that any text that will later be connected to a data feed also is set up to have consistent text styling across the text box.

  • You will want to finalize your master design before you connect it to a data feed. After you've created automated variations created from a master design. making edits to the master design will not appear in the automated variations unless you re-generate the designs from the new master design.

  • Once you've finalized the master design, it is recommended that you duplicate your master design, and set the status of the duplicated design to 'Live'.
    • Duplicating your design will ensure that you always have an original version of your master design to refer back to if you need.

For more information on getting started building Flexitive designs, we recommend checking out the following resources: