Use the Rotation option in Flexitive to easily rotate your element to any degree.


Which Elements Can I Rotate?

You can rotate text elements, and image elements including JPGs, PNGs, SVGs, GIFs, and Dynamic Images. Rotation cannot be applied to Shapes.

How to Rotate an Element

Use the Rotation Icon on the canvas, the Rotation Wheel in the Size and Position panel, or the Degree field in the Size and Position panel to rotate the element.

On Canvas: 

Click and drag the Rotation Icon, beside the elements bounding box, to adjust the rotation. 

While Rotating the element, you can hold shift to increase or decrease the angle by 15 degrees at a time.

Size and Position Panel: 

Select the element on the canvas or from the Layers Panel and open the Size and Position panel from the left-hand side. In the Size and Position panel, scroll down to the Rotation options.

Use either the Rotation Wheel or the Degree field to adjust the element’s rotation. 

  • Using the degree field you can enter the exact degree you’d like the element to rotate, or use the arrows to increase or decrease the degree of rotation.

  • Click and drag the rotation wheel hand to manually adjust the degree of the angle. 
  • Hold shift while moving the wheel to increase or decrease the angle by 15 degrees at a time.

Rotation can be applied to multiple elements at once. To select multiple elements, hold ‘Ctrl’ (or ‘Cmd’ on Mac) while tapping on the elements either on the canvas or in the Layers panel. Rotate the elements using the Rotation Icon.

When Can Rotation Not be applied?

Rotation cannot be applied if certain features are turned on, including: 

Please ensure these features are disabled before attempting to apply rotation.

Certain settings like Snap to All Edges, Anchoring Elements, Lock Element Size, and Auto-Resizing Text Box cannot be applied to rotated elements. If you’d like to apply any of those settings, you’ll first need to set the rotation degree back to ‘0’.

Swapping Elements with Rotation

Elements in the Assets Panel can be easily swapped with elements on canvas. Learn How Do I Swap/Replace an Element?

When swapping an image that has been rotated, if the new element is an image element, the rotation will be maintained. 

As Rotation can only be applied to text and images, and text elements are not swappable, if you swap in an element other than an image, the rotation setting will be removed when you swap in the new element.

Flip an Element

If you’d like to Flip an element, you can find a guide here.