Adding an iframe element to your Flexitive design allows you to load content hosted on a 3rd Party URL, like a countdown timer. 

Learn more about Using an iframe in a Design

Create a Countdown Timer

To create a countdown timer, you can use a free website like

Use the form on the site to customize your countdown timer. 

Once completed, scroll down to the HTML code section at the bottom and copy the URL between the quotation marks, highlighted below:

Add Countdown Timer to Design 

  • After copying the HTML code, navigate to your Flexitive design. 

  • Open the Assets Panel on the right-hand side and select the Pages tab.

  • Under the ‘External iframe URL’ tab, paste your code into the ‘Paste URL here’ field and click the arrow to add it as an asset.

  • Once the iframe is added to the assets panel, it can be dragged and dropped onto the canvas like any other Flexitive element.