Contact Support 

If you come across an issue with Flexitive or you’re having trouble with a design, reach out to our support team at

When contacting support, provide as much information as possible so we can try to resolve any issue quickly. We recommend including the following information;

1. Design ID

If the issue is related to a design, please provide the design id of the design you are working on. 

A Design-ID is a unique identifier for every page built in Flexitive. The Design-ID can be found in the upper right-hand corner of any page. If you click the ID, it will copy to your clipboard.

2. Any Error Messages

Please provide a screenshot of any error messages.

3. Browser, Operating System, or Desktop App Versions

Please include your browser and browser version, as well as the Operating System and OS version. If using the Desktop App, you should also include the app version. 

Learn How to Find your Browser, Operating System or Desktop App Versions

4. Create a GIF for Troubleshooting

When submitting a support ticket, it can sometimes be difficult to describe exactly where you need support. In these cases, we recommend that you create a GIF or video to help explain your question. 

If you do not have a way to create a GIF, we recommend that you check out Licecap. Licecap is a free software that allows you to create GIF files quickly and easily. 

To download Licecap, check out one of the following links: 

5. Attach any Relevant Files

Include any files you exported from Flexitive or files that you are having trouble with.

Quick Self-Help Suggestions 

While we’re working on your support request, you can try these quick self-help suggestions:

1. Log out and log back in again then try to edit your design.

2. Close all windows, then open an Incognito window, open Flexitive and log in. Try to edit your design. Learn how to open an Incognito Window.

3. Check out the rest of the Flexitive Knowledge Base. You’ll find lots of helpful articles about Flexitive there.