In Flexitive, Widgets can be used to create elements that allow for more interactivity in your design. Widgets are currently Beta features in Flexitive, so they will not be included in your site by default. Reach out to your account manager or to a member of the Flexitive Support Team ( to see if widgets are available under your subscription. 

The Widgets currently available in Flexitive are:

To add a Widget to your Flexitive design, open the Widgets panel from the left-hand side of the editor and scroll to the Interactive tab. In the Interactive tab, add the Widget to your canvas by tapping the 'Plus' button in the top-right corner of the Option.

Widgets are built using Embedded Pages. We call the Embedded Pages in a Widget Child Pages. Each Child Page is a unique Flexitive page with its own Design-ID

Many properties of Flexitive widgets can be managed in the same way as any other element in Flexitive. There are also properties that are unique to the Widgets, which allow you to set up how you would like users to interact with your widgets.