What is a Global Asset?

Global Assets are single elements or fully responsive designs that can be embedded in any Flexitive master designs or design variations. When you make a change to the Global Asset it will instantly update across all the designs that the global assets are embedded in.

Whether you have a brand asset that appears on lots of designs, or simply want to create an animated design that behaves independently from the animation sequence of the design that it’s embedded into, Global Assets are a perfect solution.

Creating a Global Asset

Create a Global Asset as you would any other design. Global Assets can be as simple as a single image or video, or more advanced designs like the examples below.

  • Animated Elements: Create animated elements that can be reused effortlessly across multiple campaigns. For example, a subtle pan animation, or a carousel of product images.

  • Responsive Elements: Create responsive components such as brand illustrations, logos that adjust between landscape/portrait, or designs that include multiple text, image or video elements that can be adjusted based on the design size that they are embedded in. Responsive elements ensure that your design remains visually appealing and functional, regardless of the design size it is displaying on. Responsive elements can also be animated.

Add a Global Asset to your Assets Panel

Watch an interactive demo on how to add a Global Asset to a Flexitive design.

Summary of steps to add a Global Asset to a Flexitive Design:

  1. From the editor, click the ‘Fullscreen’ toggle button in the top-right corner to minimize the editor screen.

  2. On the left side, navigate to the folder containing the design you want to add as a Global Asset. 
  3. Click the Design ID of the design to copy it. Find Design ID 
  4. Maximize the editor again by clicking the ‘Fullscreen’ toggle button in the top-right. 
  5. Open the Assets Panel on the right-hand side and select the Pages tab. Under the ‘Flexitive Design ID’ tab, paste the Design ID into the Paste Design ID Here field. 
  6. Click the arrow button to upload the Global Asset.

Once you've uploaded a Global Asset into a Flexitive design, you can drag and drop it onto the canvas like any other Flexitive asset.

Global Asset Settings Panel 

After adding a Global Asset to your design, you can edit the settings of the Global Asset in the Global Asset Settings Panel. In the Global Asset Settings Panel, you’ll find Opacity settings, the option to add an Aria Label, and Dynamic Design options. You can also navigate to the folder where the Global Asset is stored or edit the Global Asset design directly from the editor.

The Global Asset Settings Panel can be opened from the left-hand side of the editor.

Edit a Global Asset

By selecting the Global Asset and clicking the 'Edit' icon, you can quickly access and modify the asset, streamlining your design workflow.

Watch an interactive demo on how to edit a Global Asset.

After making revisions, you need to Publish your changes to the Global Asset before returning to the Parent design.  To return to the Parent design, click on the ‘Parent Design’ breadcrumb at the top left corner of the screen to return to the parent design.

Click ‘Go To Folder’ to be brought into the folder containing the Global Asset. From here, you can easily copy and paste the design ID of another Global Asset, without leaving the editor of your master design. Once copied, use the ‘Swap Asset’ button to change out the Global Asset in your design.

Global Asset Opacity 

You can set the opacity of your Global Asset element to any value from 0% to 100%, with 0% being completely transparent and 100% being completely opaque. Learn more about Opacity

Aria Labels 

Adding an Aria Label to your element allows a screen reader to interact with and read to a user, helping to make your design accessible. Learn more about Aria Labels

Dynamic Global Assets 

Global Assets can be dynamic by connecting them to a data feed. Learn how to create a dynamic Global Asset: Creating Dynamic Design Assets.