To upload a Flexitive export to Sizmek, follow these steps:

  1. Export your Flexitive project for Sizmek using the Ad Server drop-down menu in the Publish Panel.

  2. IMPORTANT:  When a design is exported from Flexitive for Sizmek, Flexitive creates a Parent Folder which will be named, eg. Nike-Free-Hyperfeel.2016-12-28.10-50-45.  Inside the parent folder, there is a folder for each size, eg.

    You need to upload the .zip for each size to Sizmek. If you upload the parent folder, Sizmek will not recognise the upload.
  3. Enter your Sizmek account and go to Manage>Creative Assets. Navigate to the folder you would like to upload your project to and click New.


  4. Press Add... and select the Flexitive project or projects that you would like to upload to Sizmek. If you like, you may edit their Display Name. When you are finished, press Upload.

  5. Go to Manage>Ads and select New>Create New Ad


  6. Create an Ad Name for your design and select the appropriate Ad Format for your banner. You will be able to select the Workplace Folder and Default Image from your Creative Assets that you have uploaded to Sizmek. You may also set the Background Click-Through URL for the banner. You may view what the final banner will look like by pressing Preview.


  7. From the Preview, you will be able to view the banner in full as well as check its Click-Through URL.


  8. When you are finished, press Save.