Some ad-servers allow 3rd party calls when a design is being loaded (a call to a file on another server) and some do not. AdWords and do not allow most 3rd party calls.

In Flexitive, you can choose from over 20 000 web fonts. Some of these fonts are Google fonts, and others are fonts. When a design that contains a web font is viewed, the web font is loaded from either the Google Fonts or servers. The call to the server to load the font is a 3rd party call.

AdWords and allow 3rd party calls to Google servers but do not allow for 3rd party call to the servers. Thus, only design using Google fonts can be used in AdWords and When a design with a font is uploaded to AdWords, you will see the following error:

There are two ways to avoid this error:

1. Use a Google Font for your Design

Since AdWords and allow for Google fonts, changing the font of all the text boxes in your design to a Google font will avoid the above error.

When changing your text to Google fonts, we recommend the following process:

  1. Enter the editor for your design by selecting the Edit option. Start editing one of your sizes by clicking it.

  2. You will want to ensure that every text element is visible on the canvas. To do this, open the Animation Panel and select All Frames from the Show Elements on Canvas tabs.
  3. You will need to locate a text box to edit.  Open the Layers Panel for your design. Starting from the top layer, find the first layer labelled as Text in the Layers Panel. Select the text layer and double-click the text box on the canvas to enter the Text Settings.
  4. In the selected text box, set all of the text to use a Google font.

  5. Once you've changed the font of your first text box, you will need to repeat the process for the rest of your text boxes. Proceed to the lower layers and repeat steps 3 and 4 until all text boxes have been changed to Google Fonts.
  6. Changing your font affects All Sizes of your design so you will only need to change the fonts for 1 size. Once all of the text has been changed to Google fonts, save your project and re-export it.

In Flexitive, there are 2 ways to tell whether a font is a Google Font or a font.  

1 - Hovering over the Font in the Drop-Down

When you open the drop down menu to select your font, you can hold you mouse over any font without clicking. After about a second, a line of text will appear that will either indicate the font is a font or a Google font. An example is in the GIF below:

2 - Logo in the Styling Drop-Down Menu

After a font is selected, you can check where the font is from is using the indicator in the Styling Drop-Down Menu. The Styling Drop-Down Menu is directly beneath the drop-down used to set your font.

If the font you have selected is a Google font, the drop-down will show the Google "G".

If the font you have selected is a font, the drop-down will show the "F".

If you've changed every text box to a Google Font, and you're still receiving an error from AdWords or, a member of the Flexitive Support team can help! Just email and include the Design-ID and the file you are trying to upload.

2. Use an Image for your Text

If you need to use a specific font in your design that is not a Google Font, upload either a PNG or SVG of your text.

Image files make no 3rd party calls, so they will be accepted by AdWords and If you already had text boxes on the canvas, make sure to delete any text boxes containing non-Google fonts.

Text rendered from an image will often result in a larger file size than the same text rendered from a web font. I recommend checking out our article on reducing file size.

Check out our article on using images for text for more information.