When a design is exported from Flexitive, the resolutions of all the image assets in the design are automatically reduced to match the resolutions they will be shown at when the design is displayed. If an image is in your design will be very small, the image will have a low resolution.

Because of the lower resolution, some images exported from Flexitive can look blurry. Blurry images are most common for images with fine details on smaller mobile banners such as a 300x50.

There are a couple options for how you can reduce the compression of your images.

1 - Export your Design as 2x Image Exports (ZIP Exports)

If you are exporting your design as a ZIP file, there is an option to export 2x size images when you export your design. When you select this option, the resolution of every image exported will be doubled. This means that if an image would normally be exported as a 300x250, it will instead be exported with a resolution of 600x500. For more information, check out our article on Exporting for Ad Servers - 2x Image Exports.

If the images for your design are blurry when you export them, the 2x size images option will provide you with higher resolution versions of your assets. After exporting your designs as 2x size images, you can follow this process to improve the image quality of your designs.

  1. Extract the files from the exported ZIP, and enter the file with the regularly sized images.

  2. In the folder with regularly sized images, delete the image files for the images that appeared blurry in the exported files.

  3. Enter the 2x size images file.

  4. Copy and Paste the higher resolution version of the image that appeared blurry into the folder for the regularly sized images.

  5. Re-Zip the folder for the regularly sized images. This file is now ready to upload into your ad server.

2 - Use a Different Image Type (ZIP and Tag Exports)

If you're exporting your design as a tag, the best course of action is often to use a different file format for the images in your design.

When a file is compressed and exported from Flexitive, the file will be compressed differently based on its file type. SVG and GIF images will not be compressed on export. JPG and PNG images will both be compressed when exported from Flexitive, with JPG files being compressed more than PNGs.

If an image appears blurry in a Flexitive export, you can improve the image quality by creating a new version of the image in a file type that will be less compressed when exported. You can then upload the new image asset to your Flexitive design and swap the new image in for the original image.

For example, if a design is using a PNG that appears blurry when exported, try creating an SVG version of the image and uploading the new image to Flexitive. You can then swap the SVG image in for the PNG, and re-export your design.

For more information, check out our article on Uploading Images.