When exporting designs from Flexitive, PNG and JPG image assets in your designs will automatically be optimized for the lowest possible file size without sacrificing quality. This is done in 3 ways:

  • Compressing the Images

    • You can increase or decrease the compression of your images using the Image Asset Quality option in Flexitive. By default, the image quality slider will be set to 95%. Learn more about Adjusting Image Quality/Compression. 

  • Cropping Images that are set to Fill & Crop

    • When you set an image to Fill & Crop using the Fill vs Contain option in Flexitive, the images will automatically be cropped to only include the portions of the images that will be visible.

  • Resizing the Image

    • The resolution of image assets in your design will be automatically reduced to match the resolutions they will be shown at when the design is displayed.

This image optimization allows you to upload any image to your Flexitive design, and on export, it will be adjusted and optimized for your design, without having to worry about the image not being the correct resolution or crop for a specific size.

If the file size of your export does not fall within the file size limits of their ad server, it is recommended that you review our article on Uploading Images and Reducing File Size.