Whenever a design is exported, Flexitive is going to automatically reduce the file size of the design to the smallest possible size while still allowing the design to look good. This is done in 2 different ways:

  • Compressing the Images
    • Images can usually be compressed from the state that they were uploaded into Flexitive with and still look good in the banner. Whenever you export, Flexitive is going to automatically compress these images to reduce their file size as much as possible.
    • Flexitive does NOT apply smart compression to GIFs.

  • Cropping Images that are set to Fill
    • When you set an image to FillĀ using the Fill vs Contain option in Flexitive, you will not have the entire image visible in the exported version of the banner. To save on file size, we have set images that are set to FillĀ to automatically be cropped to only include the portions of the images that will be visible.

This file compression will allow you upload any image and adjust it to be used in any size of your Flexitive project, without having to worry about the image not being the correct resolution or crop for a specific size.

It important to remember that while images exported from Flexitive are compressed, projects with too many images or file types that compress poorly may still not fall within the file size limits of their ad server. In these cases, it is recommended that you review our article on Uploading Images and Reducing File Size.