When you upload an image to Flexitive, it is recommended to upload the highest resolution image assets you have. When you export your design, the images in the design will automatically be cropped, compressed and re-sized to fit your design.

All images exported from Flexitive have their image quality set to 95%. Using an image quality level of 95% ensures the images in your design look good, while still providing a significantly lower file size than an image quality level of 100%.

If you upload images to Flexitive that you've already compressed to a level below 95% compression, the image quality level of the image asset to 95%. When the image quality level increases, the file size of the image can increase as well.

If you're experiencing an issue where the file size of the images in your designs is increasing when you export your design from Flexitive, the best course of action is often to upload less compressed versions of your images to Flexitive and then compress the images in the files you exported from Flexitive if the file size of a design is too large. To compress an image after exporting it from Flexitive, we recommend following these steps:

  1. Extract the files for the sizes you need to reduce the file size of.

  2. Identify the files with a high file size in your design and open them in the tool you use to prepare your assets for Flexitive.

  3. Compress the files for your design. If you're using Photoshop to prepare the assets for your design, you can use the Save for Web option.

  4. Save the compressed images over the existing images in the file. During this step, do not change the name of the files as you save them.

  5. Open the index.html file to double check the design will still load. If the index.html file does not load, double check to make sure the images in your design were all saved with the exact same name.

  6. Re-zip your files. The new ZIP file is ready to upload to your ad server.