To sign up for Flexitive, open the Admin panel and selecting the Billing tab. You can also login into your billing panel through

In the Billing tab, you will be able to sign up and manage payment for your Flexitive site.

You can subscribe to Flexitive by following these steps:

  1. Select your Flexitive Plan

    When signing up for Flexitive, you can choose the pricing plan that best fits your needs. For more information on Flexitive Pricing Plans, check out

  2. Select a payment option

    When subscribing to Flexitive, you can choose to either sign up for an annual payment plan or a monthly payment plan. Signing up for an annual plan will also provide you with a discount of 20% compared to a monthly plan.

  3. Choose an Export Package

    By default, you'll receive 50 exports every month for free. If you will need more than 50 exports a month, you may want to purchase an Export Package with your Flexitive subscription.

    To find the export package that fits your needs, reach out to your account manager. If you're unsure of who your account manager is, reach out to, and we'll put you in contact with your account manager.

  4. Review your plan and charges

    After choosing your pricing plan, payment option and export package, a summary of your subscription will be provided. Review the information, and then click 'Subscribe'.

  5. Clicking 'Subscribe', you will be taken to our secure signup form. Enter the email you would like to have associated with your account, and click 'Next'.

  6. Enter the 'Billing Information' for your account, and click 'Next'.

  7. Enter your Credit Card Information and click 'Subscribe'. Your Credit Card will automatically be billed after clicking 'Subscribe'.

  8. After signing up, you'll receive a modal to confirm your subscription. Click 'Start Using Flexitive' to be forwarded to your Flexitive site to start building.