Accessing the Billing Portal

In Flexitive, managing your Billing is done via the Billing Portal for your site. In the Billing Portal, you can upgrade your account to a teams or enterprise account, change your billing information, and add or remove export packages.

To access the billing portal, go to the Admin Panel for your site and open the Billing tab. In the Billing tab, click 'Visit Billing Portal'. Only a user with Admin Privileges will be able to 

Account Information

The Account Information in your Billing Panel will contain information on the user who signed up for the account. To change this information, tap the Edit option in the top-right corner.

After tapping edit, you'll be able to change the Name, Company, Email Contact and Phone Contact information for the account. Once you changed the information, click Update Account Information to update your account, or Cancel to cancel your changes.

Payment Method Information

In the Payment Method Information section of the Billing portal, you'll be able to view, update, add and remove credit cards from the payment options on your site.

To update your credit card information, click the Update Payment Method option for your credit card.

After clicking Update Payment Method, you will be able to update the credit card information for your site. Clicking Update will update your credit card information with the newly inputted information. Clicking Cancel will cancel the process and return you to the Billing Portal.

To add another credit card to your site, click the '+ Add' option in the top right corner of the Payment Method box.

After tapping '+ Add' you can input the information for the credit card you would like to add to your account. Clicking Update will add the credit card to your account. Clicking Cancel will cancel the process and return you to the billing portal.

After you add a credit card, all the credit cards on your account will be listed in the Payment Method Information box. The first credit card listed is your Primary Credit Card, and subsequent credit cards are the Backups, in case payment on the Primary card does not go through.

To change which credit card is the 'Primary' credit card vs the 'Backup' credit card, click the the Manage option under the backup credit card.

Clicking Manage will open a drop-down menu where you can choose one of the following:

  • Mark As Primary: Changes the credit card to the Primary credit card for the site
  • Mark As Backup: If there are lore than 2 credit cards on the site, this will change a credit card to the Backup credit card on the site
  • Update Payment Method: Allows user to update their credit card information
  • Remove Payment Method: Deletes the credit card from the list of options in the Billing Portal

Billing Information

In the Billing Information section, you can view and edit the billing address for you Flexitive account. To update the your Billing Address, click the 'Edit' option in the top right corner of the Billing Information section.

After clicking 'Edit' you will be able to change the Billing Address for your Flexitive account. After changing the information, you can click Update Billing Address to save your changes, or Cancel to undo your changes and return to the Billing Portal.

Payment History

In the Payment History section of the billing portal, you'll be able to view your payments for Flexitive services to date.

If you would like to download a invoice for a Flexitive payment as a PDF, you can do so by clicking Download as PDF

Subscriptions and Timelines

In the Subscription section of the Billing Portal, you'll be able to see the plan you've selected for your Flexitive account, as well as any export packages you've added to your plan. The total monthly charges, including any applicable taxes, will be summarized in the Subscriptions section.

The Timeline provides information on when you'll be billed next for your Flexitive account. 

If you've subscribed to an Annual Payment plan for your Flexitive subscription, you have 2 separate Flexitive subscriptions in your Billing portal. 

One subscription will be for your Flexitive subscription, which will be billed on an annual basis.

The second subscription is for your export packages, which will be billed on a monthly basis. If you don't have an export package associated with your account, the subscription will still be present as a $0 per month subscription.

You can cancel your Flexitive Account by submitting a request to